5 Star Prospect Blueprint

The 5 Star Prospect Blueprint is for service professionals and service based business owners:

  • Who believe that making money in business is the by-product of value creation…
  • Who believe that marketing is about attracting the right people into your world and filtering out everyone else…
  • Who believe that marketing led with empathy and generosity is better than marketing that blatantly promotes and sells…
  • Who care about caring for their audience (serving first before money changes hands), instead of seeing them as a way to ‘make money’…
  • Who believe marketing is less about promotion and coercion, and more about reaching out to people, connecting with them and helping them solve problems…
  • Who believe that marketing is where we begin our journey towards understanding what people need and want…

Program Overview

Many service based business owners struggle to attract quality prospects, find themselves stuck in price comparison conversations, and wasting time with tire kickers and low quality prospects.

They find themselves working harder and harder for longer and longer hours without making a quantum leap in their income or achieving the lifestyle they desire.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to see just how effortless your sales process can become after you learn the art of creating strategic, education based marketing content that positions the sale of your services in advance…

So you can create leverage, consistency and predictability in your business which few businesses ever attain.

This essential step starts the process of removing drudgery from your day so you can focus more time on business growing activities and things that matter to you.

By the end of this program, you’ll have the foundation to put in place a time-and-energy-saving prospect conversion system to increase your earning capacity, build momentum, and run your business like a pro.

Imagine having easy conversations with the right prospects who have pre-qualified themselves in working with you just 2 weeks from now.

You’ll wonder why you ever operated in business without having a marketing asset that works for you 24/7/365, when developing your custom Buyer’s Guide with my personal help was so easy and effective.

You’ll Become A Better Marketer and Communicator

The program will teach you how to become a better marketer and communicator.

You’ll learn fundamental & principle based skills that’s transferable to other service offerings you provide for years to come. The type of marketing that won’t become “stale” or “out of date” because what you’ll learn is not based on shortcuts, hacks, or loopholes.

The 5 Star Prospect Blueprint isn’t about generating more leads.

Rather, it’s about creating the leverage you desire by learning how to develop a marketing asset that allows you to weed out low quality people while attracting high quality prospects without human effort from you or your team.

You’ll learn how to write education based marketing (EBM) content that your prospects value and appreciate, because you’re demonstrating that you understand their problem, and their needs.

This is about creating marketing that matters to the people you seek to serve.

When you do this well, selling becomes unnecessary. It’s a thing of beauty when you know how to create marketing assets that behave like this.

If this resonates with you, the 5 Star Prospect Blueprint will change the game for you.

What The Program Is and Isn’t

This is a group implementation program, where you’ll learn to create a compelling Buyer’s Guide for one of your service offerings using the Prospect Primer Method.

You’ll learn what to write, how to structure the content and flow in live group workshop sessions with me.

The goal for the program is for participants to finish writing a complete draft of their Buyer’s Guide at the end of 2 weeks, so it becomes the foundation they need to start using it in their business to convert high quality prospects.

This is NOT a “training program” or an “online course” where you’re required to watch 30 videos, do the work alone, get frustrated with your progress, give up and end up with another course sitting in your hard drive collecting digital dust.

This is about helping you do the work required to write effective education based marketing content, in “done with you” fashion, so you can develop a marketing asset that you can put to use and let it produce lucrative results for you.

As a business owner, I know how important it is to carve out time to work ON your business, especially high value activities that help the business grow in the long run.

Offering this program is my way of helping you “get shit done”. Because learning more stuff means you’re just piling more items onto your todo list that you know you’ll never get to, which doesn’t get you any results. Implementing is the only way to get results in life.

Program Outline & Schedule

The program runs for 2 Weeks.

This first cohort will include 4 live zoom sessions (1 hour per session), where you’ll work on creating your custom Buyer’s Guide with me guiding you live in class and get your questions answered. So you don’t need to worry about falling behind or left alone staring at a blank page by yourself not knowing what to write.

2021 Class Schedule (February):

  • 10am AEST, 9 Feb (3pm PST, 8 Feb)
  • 10am AEST, 12 Feb (3pm PST, 11 Feb)
  • 10am AEST, 16 Feb (3pm PST, 15 Feb)
  • 10am AEST, 19 Feb (3pm PST, 18 Feb)

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you.

Content will remain accessible after the program ends, and participants will have access to all future program updates as those are made available, and access to rejoin future cohorts at no extra cost.

You will receive a Workbook and a Final Touches Checklist as part of the program.

Bonus: Unlimited Email Support

You will receive unlimited email access to me to answer your questions, so you can get unstuck while you work on creating your Buyer’s Guide outside the live workshop sessions during the 2 Week program.

Unlimited email support will end on 21 Feb 2021.

Is 5 Star Prospect Blueprint right for you?

This program is right for you if:

  • You’re driven to attract higher quality prospects and maximise your marketing efforts. You want to learn timeless marketing principles and skills that will help you in business for years to come, regardless where your future takes you.
  • You want to strategically improve your writing, communication, and the way you’re perceived — and you’re willing to spend at least 2 hours a week for 2 weeks to get there.
  • You’ve tried different marketing tactics in the past and are ready to learn fundamental skills to accelerate your progress by getting help.
  • You’re willing to try new things and expand your comfort zone.
  • You’re tired of learning more and more information and want to implement things that move the needle so your business and life can truly change.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to manipulate people: I teach you to write like you and be yourself when you communicate and produce content, not how to play mind games with other people. If you’re here to learn how to “trick” people, don’t join.
  • You want a “quick fix”: Mastering every skill in life requires time, practice and discipline. I provide a “writing made easy” workbook to help you write with ease. You just need to show up to class, follow the process and do the work. If you aren’t willing to do the work to make a lasting change, please don’t join. I only want to work with committed students.
  • You aren’t willing to commit 2-4 hours a week for 2 weeks: How much writing you get done in class will depend on your skill level. You will likely need to spend an extra hour or two outside of class to work on your Buyer’s Guide. This is the reason why I offer unlimited email support as a bonus for the duration of the 2 week program. If you’re not willing to carve out time to complete your draft, don’t join.

Enrolment Opening Soon

Enrolment is open: 15 to 22 Jan 2021 (at midnight AEST)

This first cohort is $499 USD (lowest price it will ever be offered). It will be limited to 20 people only, because I want the group to be small and intimate so everyone gets my attention.

This is for people who need this the most, and I want to get this in your hands as fast as possible.

In exchange to deliver everything you need to you as fast as I can,  it’s going to be a little rough around the edges because this is the first cohort of students I take on.

That also means… You’re going to get it for less than what others will pay later on. That’s the benefit of being an “early adopter”.

Price will increase at least 50% the next time the program is open.

If you’re interested in creating a marketing asset that does all the “selling in advance” for you, so you can start 2021 with more ease, more fun and more predictability converting high quality prospects then take advantage of this offer before enrolment closes on 5th February 2021 (midnight AEST).

If you have enrolment questions, send me an email at hello@jenkuo.com or contact me here.

Sign up to get notified when the “5 Star Prospect Blueprint” is open for enrolment.

The program will be announced to people on the waiting list.

Fast Action Bonus

The first 5 people to enrol will get a custom critique from me. That means, the complete written draft of the Buyer’s Guide you create in the program will be personally reviewed by me.

That means you will get my eyes on your work, where we’ll go through and improve on what you’ve already created and make your copy even better in a bonus 30 min private 1-on-1 call. Your custom Buyer’s Guide will get a quality boost.

So when you roll it out, you’ll know your Buyer’s Guide is produced to a high standard of quality, which will give you the confidence you need to impress and attract the quality prospects you want.

“No One Left Behind” Guarantee

By the end of the 5 Star Prospect Blueprint, I guarantee that you’ll have a compelling marketing asset that you feel confident using in your business…

Or I’ll work with you until you complete your draft and cross the finish line.

You must show up at all 4 live sessions and prove you’ve done all the work required in order to qualify for the guarantee.

This “No One Left Behind” Guarantee means that I’m not going to give up on you or allow you to give up on yourself, because I believe you can and will succeed.

I’m all in so you can be all in.

Refund Policy

Because of the nature of this implementation program, I don’t offer any refunds.

Unlike other business training programs and digital courses where you’re left to “figure it out on your own”, this program offers live workshop implementation sessions, coaching, personal access to me, as well as materials and additional support designed to guide you through the process of developing a compelling Buyer’s Guide that becomes a part of your prospect conversion system.

Since the process of writing can be challenging for some people, and at times may not be fun or pleasant to work through, I understand that it’s sometimes easier to request a refund and not deal with it rather than face the emotional blocks, baggage, and the hard work necessary to be successful.

But I believe in you, and I have made a commitment to guide you through to the other side.

— Jen




Questions & Answers

When will you open the program again for the next cohort if I can’t make the February class?

The next cohort will start in April 2021 (dates have yet to be confirmed), and it will not be offered at the “early adopter” price again.

I’m not good at writing, and have never written marketing content before, will the program be too advanced for me?

If you’ve attended English in high school, then you already know how to write. The best marketing copy is “conversational”. It’s about being able to clearly and succinctly communicate your message in a way that can easily be understood.

Fact: The best marketers in the world write like they talk.

Marketing is about connecting and resonating with the people you seek to serve. It’s not about ‘correct grammar’, using big words and complicated jargon to try and “sound smart”.

If you prefer to not do the work yourself and want to be “given the fish” instead, you can hire me to develop a custom Buyer’s Guide for your business. I offer a “done for you” service so there’s no pain, no stress and no fuss.