Why Attract 5 Star Prospects?


They are people who show up at your doorstep friendly, cooperative, who know what they want and have already convinced themselves that they want to do business with you.

They show up asking “When can I work with you?” instead of “How much do you charge?”

If you run a business, isn’t it way easier and a lot more fun talking to 5 Star Prospects instead of spending your time getting rejected?

At the most basic level, every business needs to:

  1. acquire prospects
  2. convert some of those prospects into customers

The concept is simple, but not easy to do.

The first insight is to realise that not all customers are created equal.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ll know this to be true.

The worst customers complain a lot. They have a tendency to drag you and your team down. They ask for refunds. Their expectations are never aligned with reality. They’re never truly happy.

No one in his or her right mind would willingly choose to have that type of customer or client.

Every customer starts as a prospect, which leads to the next insight…

If we want better customers, we need to move upstream and attract better prospects.

In other words, figure out what motivates better prospects to become customers, and design your marketing for them.

Your marketing doesn’t need to be complicated especially if you’re selling a service.

All the shiny marketing tactics out there can seem like good ideas until you end up spinning your wheels, getting your knickers in a knot going nowhere fast.

Too many online marketers add way too much complexity with unnecessary tools, and end up with crazy looking funnels that look something like this:

Complicated marketing funnels. Yikes!

Isn’t it overwhelming to look at? Some even more complex ones can really make your eyes water.

If you’re new to (online) marketing it’s a deer-in-the-headlights feeling as you stare down the barrel of a firehose of new information and unknowns.

What do I do?… Who do I follow?… What is working?… What’s not?…

That’s what it felt like for me when I first ventured online in 2010 and started my first side hustle while working my day job.

I had no business and no marketing background… and I got burnt more times than I can count.

It’s like swimming in shark infested waters where “business and marketing gurus” took bites out of me.

I was a newbie entrepreneur and didn’t know any better.

This pretty much sums up how I learned business and marketing…

Let’s just say my entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been pretty.

I learned marketing because I had to.

The more I learned the better I wanted to become, because I recognised that it’s a valuable business skillset to have in my back pocket.

But to people who are new to marketing…

Doing marketing or hiring a marketer can feel like a crapshoot.

It’s a gamble that’s probably not only costed you thousands, but also costed you time, energy and heartache if you hired the wrong person or implemented the wrong strategy and found out the hard way.

When it works, it keeps the lights on and puts food on the table.

When it doesn’t work, you find yourself on struggle street.

I know the frustration too well because I tried a bunch of things that didn’t work.

And I’ve been trying to solve this for myself for a long time, and thought about it in depth as I learned more on my journey…

Here are the critical reasons why businesses struggle:

  • Not learning and executing on the fundamentals (not knowing what’s important)
  • Trusting, hiring and learning from the wrong people
  • Executing the wrong strategy based on where they are in their stage of business
  • Lack focus due to “paradox of choice”
  • Suffer from the dark force of FOMO of shiny marketing tactics
  • Confusion and overwhelm from the noise level in the market

What I’ve found is that most people focus on the wrong things, and do things in the wrong sequence

We think the problem is: “I need more leads.”

But because of this flawed thinking (wrong mindset)…

We end up doing all these crazy things like trying to post on different platforms, run ads on Facebook and Google, create more content, do SEO, create videos etc etc… (regardless if you’re doing it yourself or hiring assistants or marketing agencies to do the work for you).

So you end up with more leads, but you also got a lot more price shoppers, “looky-loos” and the wrong people

Because we just poured more gas in the tank without refining and improving on the engine first.

We didn’t think about Second Order Effects.

Second Order Effect in a nutshell:

The idea that every action has a consequence, and each consequence has a subsequent consequence. In other words, this means that a single decision can initiate a series of cause-and-effects, something which we might not have knowledge or control of.

Reality check: “More” doesn’t equal “Better”.

If you want better prospects, then you need to design your marketing to sift, sort and filter out the wrong people, and pull the right people toward you.

So tire kickers don’t end up in your sales conversations.

When it comes to marketing, there are only a few things that really matter.

The biggest hinge that swings the biggest door is your ability to connect what you do with the deep internal need of your audience.

In other words… your understanding of your prospects and the message you craft to attract them.

Hint: The fundamentals.

Which is why now…

I only help people with this one thing.

I help them develop a custom Buyer’s Guide to attract 5 Star Prospects (better buyers) so they end up with better customers.

Which means they have a valuable marketing asset that moves the right prospects predictably toward them day in and day out.

There is no need to be doing all these dumb marketing activities that doesn’t move the needle, especially if you lack the resources to pull them off.

Most marketing activities being taught only adds unnecessary work, complexity and stress in your day.

Pouring more gas into the tank only makes sense when you have a proven way to attract better prospects into your business.

Just so you know…

These are the things I don’t do and won’t do for clients:

Post on social media, do SEO, run ads, buy media, build websites, create run-of-the-mill content.

The truth is…

You don’t need 50 ways, 20 ways or 10 ways to create better customers…

You just need one way that works for you consistently.

Something simple and low tech.

Heck, you don’t even need a website. (Shocker, I know! Because most websites don’t even do the job they’re supposed to do!)

You only need to start with a simple marketing system working for you in your business that gets you the results you want.

If you stick with me, I’m going to show you the smarter way to attract 5 Star Prospects…

CONTINUE: The Smarter Way »

— Jen