2021 Review: Realignment & Grounding

Overall Reflection 2021 was the year of realignment. The unknowns of what life was going to look like with the continuation of the pandemic, multiple lockdowns and restrictions presented the perfect opportunity to further ground myself. I finally learned to really slow down after finding myself recovering from yet another burn out early in the ... Read more

Digital Workspace Makeover: Declutter Part 2

Experiencing mental overload or information overwhelm? You may need to declutter your digital workspace to create headspace for yourself to think, reflect, strategise and be creative…

Physical Workspace Makeover: Declutter Part 1

If you struggle with keeping yourself organised, focused and find your goals and aspirations slip through the cracks, then you may need to declutter to make space to bring new abundance into your world…

What ‘Design’ Actually Mean…

Are the things you’re doing actually serving its purpose? And are they leading you to the end result you imagined them to be?

You Are More Creative Than You Think

Every field of work has an opportunity for creativity. Your work and life can become more interesting and fun when you start seeing yourself through the creative lens.

2020 Review: Alignment

My 2020 annual review — the year of alignment. Generally speaking, it’s the best year I’ve had.

Overcoming My Fear of Writing

A behind the scenes ‘birds eye view’ of my lifelong battle with “words” and how I eventually overcame my fear of writing.

2019 Review: Patience & Trust

This is the first annual review I published in public. Check out my accomplishments, struggles and the lessons I learned in 2019.