Case Study: Ronnie

“I can take a step back from the business and spend more time with my family. I can trust my team more, we can communicate with each other better and get things done faster. My business is now able to grow faster and more efficiently.”

Ronnie Nijmeh is the founder and owner of (Toronto-based publishing and software company for health and wellness coaches). He had been in business for 7 years with 5 people on his team when he came to me for help.

Experiencing huge bottlenecks frustrated him as he ran his business.

Desired Outcome

Ronnie is a dad of 2, with another one on the way. He wanted to be able to spend more time with his family. He wanted his business to be more structured, organised and running smoothly where he doesn’t have to touch it.

“For whatever reason, anything that I touch tend to get complicated so this has to be simple.”

“I want my role in the content creation process to be very focused where I create the vision, plan and content for a few hours a month, then be able to oversee the process and be hands off after my part is done.”

“I want a master team folder where I can easily share things with the team, and whatever I share will all makes sense for everyone.”

“I need a reference so I can quickly find what I need and go to where I need to go.”

“We need structure and a plan to follow so everyone works together.”


Ronnie was frustrated by his whole marketing process because marketing operations was a huge bottleneck in the business. Work wouldn’t get done due to lack of structure, organisation and systems.

It was particularly frustrating for him because they would lose time finding things leading to a lot of internal miscommunication issues.

His business felt broken.

“Things has gotten really messy after been in business for 7 years. Things has always been adhoc, we added things on as business grew — different project management tools, different communication tools etc.”

“We have a lot of internal content and a content creation team who do lots of things. Operations has gotten really messy because systems were not optimised and things were all over the place.”

“We couldn’t get thing done effectively. Things get lost, communication breaks down, the team didn’t know where things are at, we spend too much time on admin and talking things over. We struggled with simple things.”

“It’s frustrating to have quality content we’ve produced in the past that we’re not using. Even though we have the idea and intention to repurpose and leverage the content we have, we couldn’t implement.”

He was unsatisfied with the state of his business.

Even though he has a Virtual Assistant on his team who is very organised and structured, they still couldn’t solve their internal operation problems.

“We tried solving this problem internally without success, because we didn’t know how to think about how things in our business should be fundamentally organised, structured and systemised.”


When we worked together, we spent time diving into his business operations. I took the time to ask all the questions I needed in order to fully understand the core elements, as he graciously revealed the inner workings of how his business is run.

Everything including how his business works, how they communicate, how they’re currently operating, what tools are used and shared, how they’re using the tools and how he wanted his marketing operations to work.

He also explained how he was handcuffed by simple tasks such as being unable to make simple changes to his video content because he’s waiting on someone else.

After gathering all the information I needed from the deep dive analysis session, I went to work.

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I worked with Jen. She was just asking questions and I didn’t get to see the madness in her mind yet.”

“She’s a joy to work with. She’s a good listener and she really understands the core elements of your business before jumping into anything.”

A few days later, I delivered 2 newly designed systems for his marketing operations. I presented my solution to Ronnie and explained to him how the systems work — how to think about it, how it works in a way that is clear and makes logical sense across the entire business.

“She mapped out and created this epic system that cracked all of the fundamental flaws we had internally that we couldn’t figure out.”

“Full disclosure, I was expecting to break her system and find holes because that’s my job as the boss of multiple people on my team. I was firing questions at her as she explained how the system worked. Every time I fired a bullet at her, she would catch it in mid air and say “I already thought about that.” She didn’t leave any stones unturned and beat my skepticism!”

“She put everything in an organised way, explained it in an organised way and it honestly blew me away!

I also provided the necessary documentation that supported the systems I created so that he and his team can easily refer to for implementation.

“You need someone outside of your world to analyse and look at your business to tell you what you’re missing, and show you this is what you need. Let them map it out and tell you this is how you do it and how you implement it.”


The new systems I designed for Ronnie completely transformed the way his marketing operations work.

“It kept everyone more organised. Operations became more centralised. It shifted the way we think about the structure of SOPs, documents, and how we name our files and folders.”

“For any business to grow, you need systems and centralisation.”

Having clear structure and optimised systems in place affected more than just his business operations. It had a powerful impact on every aspect of his work and life.

“I can now take a step back from the business and spend more time with my family. The systems and organisation actually means that I can trust my team more, they can get more things done in an organised way. I can take quick peeks in and get the big picture. I don’t have to be overseeing every little piece anymore.”

“My team can also communicate with each other better and they get things done faster without miscommunications and more admin.”

His business is now able to grow faster and more efficiently.

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