What is a Creator?

Creators are writers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, photographers, painters, designers, programmers, illustrators, filmmakers, storytellers, carpenters, jewellers, chefs or musicians…

Basically, anyone who want to create something that they would like to exist in the world

Or anyone who is drawn to create “art” in the world, for the betterment or enjoyment of others.

Art is work that matters.

“Art” in Seth Godin’s words. Listen to the first 3 mins. ❤️

A creator is anyone who chooses to:

  • Create work they’re proud of
  • Create work that matters to the people they serve (LOVE enough to tell others about and VALUE enough to pay for)
  • And earn a living doing what they love

What does it mean to be a Creator?

Being a creator is a mindset.

A mindset of taking control, taking ownership and taking full responsibility of everything in your life and making it whatever you want it to be.

It’s not just about saying “I’m going to create this business, this app, this video or this song.”

It’s also about saying “I’m going to create this outcome in this relationship, in this conversation, in this opportunity or in this circumstance.”

Creators are people that create their own futures.

Anyone can choose to become a creator.

— Jen





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Here’s a new song by Gavin James called “Boxes” (released 15 May 2020).

This is what “Boxes” mean to him in his own words…

Boxes for me is about not letting anyone tell you “you can’t do it”.

It’s an anti “fit in” song.

All about not letting people put you in a box.

It’s about following your dreams and not listening to all the people telling you along the way that “you’re not good enough” or “you will never do it”.

It’s about believing in yourself.”