5 Day Everlasting Content Challenge


ATTENTION: Service-based business owners looking to sell your services with ease…

I’ll Help You Create a *Magnetic* Lead Magnet That Positions Your Authority So You Can Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients Who Are Ready To Buy… in Just 5 Days

The 5 Day LIVE Challenge Coming Late October – 9am AEST

(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

USA: Starts Sept 2nd – 4pm PST, 7pm EST

Dear service-based entrepreneur,

You have years of subject matter expertise and a track record of providing a great service, but you keep treading water in business because…

You’re wasting time dealing with skeptical or the wrong prospects who come to you asking about your price FIRST without understanding what you do or how you’re different…

So you end up in “convincing mode” trying hard to justify your prices and tell them all about why they should do business with you, but you can still see the lack of confidence and trust on their face…

Not wanting to let a good opportunity pass you by, panic sets in and you start worrying about losing the sale. You get that pit in your stomach and fear that they may find somebody else who do what you do.

In a moment of weakness, you decide to give them a discount to entice them to become a client so you can keep the lights on…

Meanwhile, you’re busy hustling doing all kinds of marketing, and getting stuck on the content treadmill producing lots of content on all the platforms and getting frustrated with the lack of results from all your efforts…

Because that’s what you’re told by all the “marketing gurus” to get traffic and generate interest in what you do (if you’re not spending money on ads)…

So you find yourself working harder and harder. For longer and longer hours.

Not making a leap in your income, and not achieving the lifestyle you desire…

What’s worse is that you’re going against your intuition knowing you’re wasting your precious time creating endless content and putting up with skeptical prospects who don’t see your value, and want to nickel-and-dime you.

See… all the problems you’ve been experiencing are really just ‘symptoms’ of a deeper problem.

The deeper problem is the lack of positioning in your marketing and content strategy.

The real problem is… your prospects don’t see you as the authority in their eyes because you have no point of differentiation.

You’re NOT standing out to them in an ocean of service providers who do what you do.

That’s the real reason why you’ve been treading water in your business.

So I’ve decided to show you a much better way.

I want to help you GET OFF the content treadmill, so you can attract your ideal clients who cherish your services with the RIGHT positioning and strategy.

That’s what I’ll be teaching you in my upcoming ‘5 Day Everlasting Content Challenge’.

Having ONE magnetic lead magnet (an effective piece of content) in your marketing system will result in the right prospects coming to you pre-interested, pre-qualified and pre-sold to do business with you BEFORE they even talk to you about your services.

What I’m teaching you is exactly what I did to differentiate myself from other marketing agencies in my previous marketing service business back in 2014.

The very first time I used the magnetic lead magnet I created for myself, the cold prospect replied with excitement and requested a meeting with me. I walked out of that meeting closing $4,500 worth of sales without needing to sell myself at all.

It was the easiest sales meeting I’ve ever had in business — I still remember how effortless my sales process became when I implemented the content strategy in my marketing.

That’s the power of positioning, and having an effective content strategy in your business. I can’t wait to teach you how to do this for yourself!

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Discover how to create a *magnetic* lead magnet that positions your authority and attract your ideal clients who are ready to buy.

What We’re Doing Together For 5 Days (Logistics)

During the 5 Day Challenge, you’ll get step by step instructions, everything you need to write your magnetic lead magnet (using my A.C.T. method), and the accountability to get it done…

So you can position your authority and attract ideal clients who are ready to buy.

I will be teaching you LIVE everyday in our Facebook Group for 15 to 20 mins and showing you what to write for each component of your magnetic lead magnet. Then you’ll be given homework to do on what you’ve learned (should take no more than 1 hour).

Treat this like a mini workshop where you are working ON your business for about an hour each day.

If you show up and do your homework each day, you’ll walk away with your magnetic lead magnet written and done at the end of 5 days.


Who is Jen Kuo?

Jen is a recovering marketing professional with 10 years of online marketing experience. She started her entrepreneurial career in 2010 as an affiliate marketer (first side hustle) — teaching herself how to build niche websites, drive traffic and sell products online.

She then provided digital marketing services to small businesses, worked as an outsourced Marketing Manager for small companies that didn’t have internal marketing teams, and practiced the art of writing effective marketing copy. She is a student of marketing — true mastery never ends.

She cares deeply about the work she brings to life and the impact she makes. She is in the business of creating fans for life.

She lives in Sydney, Australia and writes a newsletter called “Behind The Brand” where she shares her behind-the-scenes process of building a True North Business with purpose, profit, passion and play in the digital economy.

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Jen Kuo

Marketing Consultant. Writer.