Feeling Unproductive?

Building and running a business is hard.

You’re busy juggling all your work/life demands and obligations…

Yet your mind is filled with ideas, things you want to do, need to do, should do… goals you want to achieve and dreams you want to accomplish…

Chances are you are experiencing one or a few of these:

  • You’re living in knee-jerk mode, feeling like you’re losing control
  • You’re challenged to keep all the plates spinning, and things are falling through the cracks
  • You’re overworked, stressed and exhausted from doing ALL the things in your business — your to-do list is a mile long
  • You’re at capacity, feeling ragged and may no longer feel inspired about your work
  • You have more ideas than you have time to execute them, yet you’re easily distracted by shiny objects
  • Your business growth isn’t matching the effort and time you’re putting in
  • You feel like you’re chasing your tail, running around in circles
  • If you have a team, you’re busier than ever trying to manage everyone

And if you’re also…

  • Feeling your world is chaotic and disorganised
  • Struggling with procrastination and lack of motivation
  • Lacking the energy to get everything done
  • Feeling like you don’t have time to finish important projects
  • Unclear about what your top priorities are
  • Struggling to maintain your focus and staying on track

Well… I’d hate to break it to you, but you are underperforming as a business owner and doing yourself a disservice.

Something needs to change about the way you work and operate.

Pushing yourself and your business to grow for growth’s sake will only keep you trapped inside the burn out cycle.

Not to mention… it’s simply unsustainable (and very unproductive).

If you want to accomplish more, work less and lead a more meaningful life…

You have to work smart, and grow in a way that works best for you.

The great news is that you don’t have to figure it out all alone. 😊

Hey! I’m Jen Kuo. 👋🏻

I help creators and business owners navigate the overwhelm and uncertainty that comes with building a modern, expertise-based business, by helping them create better structure, systems and habits to stay focused, on track and keep them off the hamster wheel.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop feeling trapped by the business you created?

If you’re the type of person who value ‘thinking time’, want more headspace to be creative, want more room in your schedule and want to create more time for your hobbies, side projects and other fun things in life…

I may be able to help you. (no promises though)

Client success stories will give you a better idea of whether we’re meant to work together.

Appreciate you stopping by.

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Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime.