Let’s Move Your Business Forward

Too many entrepreneurs find themselves spinning in circles, frustrated by their productivity and slow progress in business.

Let’s change that!

Becoming an entrepreneur, building and running your own business is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever experience in life.

You’re in the right place if you create extraordinary results for your clients, but feel stuck creating extraordinary business results for yourself.

There’s a few reasons why you’re frustrated with your results…

In today’s fast-paced, ever changing global marketplace, business feels more competitive, more complicated and more uncertain than ever before.

If wearing 17 different hats day to day isn’t already causing you enough anxiety, stress and overwhelm…

You’re also facing the biggest problem of the 21st Century:

The ‘marketing mindfuck’ and ‘information overload’ of doing business in the digital age.

Not only are you fighting your own squirrel brain trying to avoid the constant distraction of shiny objects…

On the flip side, you’re feeling pressured to consume more information due to FOMO and fear of falling behind.

Your poor brain struggles with:

  • Information and advice overload from all the programs, courses, experts and books you find
  • The paradox of choice from all the tools, apps, platforms, strategies and media channels available to you
  • The lure of the ‘easy button’, the latest gimmicks and the ‘get rich quick’ solutions

On top of that, you have more ideas than you have time to execute them, and you probably struggle to finish everything you start.

All that analysis paralysis makes you overthink, anxious and unproductive.

My mission is to help you navigate the overwhelm and uncertainty that comes with building a modern business.

Not only will you end up with a durable, thriving business you love, it will also be designed to keep you off the hamster wheel.

The great news is that you don’t have to figure it out all alone. 😊

Hey! I’m Jen Kuo. 👋🏻

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs teetering on the edge of burnout move from stagnation to unstoppable momentum, so they achieve more meaningful business results in the next 90 days than they have in the past year.

In the business world, people refer to me as a business strategist.

Even though I find that title kinda boring… it’s one that doesn’t make me wanna puke in my mouth.

If you’re anything like me, you probably prefer to define yourself.

So, if you’re willing to let go of that title for 5 seconds…

This is how I describe myself because it’s how I actually show up in the world:

I have the attention to detail of a writer, the discipline of an athlete, the mind of a designer, the heart of a creator, the soul of a musician and the spirit of a samurai.

The unique combination of my gifts, strengths, skills and expertise makes me a little very weird.

The truth is… it takes more than ‘hard business skills’ to build a durable, thriving business in alignment with who you are.

After painfully fumbling my way through the entrepreneurial journey for over a decade…

I’ve developed a multitude of skills and learned valuable lessons by jumping in the deep end with both feet… getting myself battered and bruised, learning to overcome a slew of obstacles and slaying dragons that got in my way… ⚔️

I now have a business I truly love — a business that actually feels like me. I work with clients who love and appreciate all my quirks, gifts and ‘weirdness’ that I bring to the table.

My purpose is to empower creators and experts like you to do the same for yourself.

When you’re aligned with your business and a career you adore, you will feel more ease, more flow and less like you’re pushing boulders up the hill.

Let’s Get You Moving! 💪

Get yourself back on the horse, and create the unstoppable momentum you desire to kick goals, grow and take names.

But first…

There’s a way to think about success in business and life that you probably haven’t thought about before…

In order to become more productive and accomplish more in business, we need to address how you’re approaching work…

The Work-Life Balance Myth »

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world. ❤️

If you’ve resonated with what I said so far, then stick around.

Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime.

Welcome to my tiny little world.

— Jen