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UPDATED: 22 May 2020

Note: These are my priorities. The things I've said "Hell Yeah!" to that's in alignment with my goals for 2020. I say "No" to everything else. In the art of growth and achievement, FOCUS is everything.


In early 2018, I made the decision to turn my health around and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Since 2018, I've lost around 10kgs (15% off my all time heaviest weight) — now back to my high school size.

I've also healed 80% of chronic health conditions I've suffered from all my life just by learning to eat healthy.

I'm obviously SUPER STOKED about this.

This is why I continue to work on healing the remaining 20% in order to become more indestructible and have better quality of life.

I listen to my body. I prepare and cook most of my meals.

I drink lemon water, celery juice and heavy metals detox smoothie every morning. I also take supplements to further support my body.

No doubt this requires a chunk of change, time and effort. But I've already decided I'm worth the investment.

In my world, health is wealth.

My 39 year old body feels and functions better than my 24 year old body. It is supporting everything I do, and I appreciate it very much.

Improving and maintaining my health has become non-negotiable.


Writing is one of the main reasons why I decided to start my website.

My main goal for 2020 is to become a prolific writer and start building up a 'body of work'. So this is the place where all my content will live.

I will be writing about everything I've done and pursued in life so far.

My blog posts will consist of stories, lessons, insights and wisdom I've gained, as well as the beliefs and philosophies I've developed over time.

Here's a sample of topics I plan on writing about:

  • my love of basketball (playing for high school and uni) — why I loved to compete and what drove me to want to beat the boys
  • my training in classical piano growing up — what it taught me about the value of discipline and consistency
  • learning Japanese and living in Japan — why I chose to fully immerse myself to master a language and got made fun of by a teacher
  • my love of music — why I love it so much and how I discovered my ability to write music at 14
  • my short stint as a songwriter — what it taught me about never giving up on my dreams no matter how old I am
  • struggles of entrepreneurship — lessons of self awareness, discovering and embracing my strengths and my unique mix of skills
  • understanding marketing & media — what I learned about earning attention, attracting the right people with my marketing chops without coercion
  • becoming more productive and effective — why I prioritise productivity to improve my workflow and my creative output
  • appreciating my health — what I learned about putting myself first and why it's important for sustained growth
  • my laser focus on personal growth — how I've come to realise the importance of personal development and why it is the fundamental building blocks of professional development

I'll also be writing about things I'm currently learning, doing and continuing to pursue, which I'll be sharing with my subscribers and readers both on my blog and my weekly newsletter.


I've been interested in personal productivity ever since I dived head first into entrepreneurship in 2010.

I found myself drowning in a ginormous pile of things I needed to learn, skills I needed to acquire and stuff I needed to do.

In order to continue to function effectively as a 'knowledge worker' in the information age, I needed an effective way to capture, store and organise all the information and knowledge I learned and acquired over the years, and be able to easily retrieve it at the moment I need it.

Being a natural 'systems designer', I intuitively knew my workflows needed improvement.

I knew the quality of my output is determined by the quality of my input which is also determined by the quality of the system that ties everything together.

So I'm retooling and refining my PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) system, in order to improve my creative workflow.

That means rethinking and redesigning my PKM system by:

  • deciding on new note-taking/project/task management apps to use
  • discarding existing apps I don't need
  • consolidating and reorganising my digital and analog notes

The goal is to have my creative workflow MATCH how I think and how I execute on my projects.

I am UBER excited about this! Such a geek. 😂

New Job

I'm starting a new job as the Marketing/Project/Operations Manager (long ass title lol) at a digital marketing agency after a serendipitous meeting with the owner in February 2020.

With businesses pivoting due to the COVID-19 pandemic... It's looking like I'll be starting sometime in June or July 2020.

Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of working for someone in the long run — my desire for autonomy is very strong...

This particular role however “ticked all my boxes”.

First time ever in the history of my working life that a job may actually give me a sense of fulfilment.

It's allowing me to bring all my skills, strengths, knowledge and experience together, without feeling like I need to cut my limbs off just to fit into a predefined box.

The idea of being an "intrapreneur", and work on a business at a high strategic level that allows me to further develop my leadership skills, while working in a flat, collaborative and supportive team is exciting to me.

Also, the idea of going into an existing and established business to "make it better" is like putting me in a candy store.

As a natural systems designer (my superpower), the fun part for me is to be able to improve on all different types of business systems to get the company running effectively and humming along efficiently.

SIDE NOTE: For entrepreneurs and business owners

If you're familiar with the spectrum between a "Visionary" and an "Integrator" from the RocketFuel book...

Both entrepreneurial types are required in a business for it to skyrocket.

I am 68% Visionary and 92% Integrator.

My Integrator game is strong! 😉

You can take the RocketFuel assessment if you're interested in finding out which one you are.

In the rare chance that this new job doesn't work out, I may be available to help you with your business.

Chaos and stress in a small business is typically caused by the dependency on the owner to run because of a lack of systems.

Small businesses are mostly founded by Visionary entrepreneurs, who are typically great at starting, creating products and services, but not so great at systemising.

The good thing about being a systems designer, is that I enjoy removing chaos in business operations.

I love tinkering and fixing inefficient systems and processes behind-the-scenes. In other words, I bring a "calming effect" to businesses.

"Unflappable", "Calm", "Cool as a Cucumber" are words and phrases colleagues have used to describe me. 😉

Mentorship (until March 2021)

I invested in a 1 year mentorship program in early 2019, which I ended up deferring after I decided to get a shitty temp job to give myself time and space for my business and career vision to "click into place".

I am now back in the program again (as of 6 May 2020).

While it is nice to be amongst a group of early stage entrepreneurs (80+ people) and having a coach as a sounding board... When I got invited back to the program at the end of April, I felt like I didn't need it anymore. Simply because I have clarity of vision now.

It's amazing the difference a year can make when you practice patience and trust.

Now I'm just looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next 9 months. 😃

This "Now page" was inspired by Derek Sivers. I don't know the guy personally, but I've come across his name a few times in entrepreneurial circles, and heard that he was a musician (that got my attention).

I think having a Now page is very smart.

Saves me time explaining what I'm currently working on with my family, friends and colleagues. It also serves as a clear reminder of my priorities.

I think every personal branded website should have one.

I'll be periodically updating this page when my priorities change. Should be every few weeks or months depending on how fast I move with my projects.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or want to say "Hey!", feel free to drop me a message.

Jen x
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