“She’s someone who understands in so much detail what you need to do… things you wouldn’t have even thought about.

I almost feel like Jen saved my life. I couldn’t see what I would do if I didn’t have my business. She’s a life saver. She came in at a time when I needed someone more than anything.”

Fiona Kane — Informed Health

“As a salesperson of 25 years experience, one of my favourite quotes about marketing was “They come into the office, pick two colours, drink a bottle of wine, and go home”. Not very effective.

I often felt marketers cared more about blending in and covering bases than they did about creating definite measurable results.

Businesses my size doesn’t have a lot to brand, number one on Google doesn’t mean a lot to me. But a new customer, they are gold. I need my marketing dollar to be producing a positive return immediately.

Jen’s laser like focus on providing value to me allowed me to learn the difference between marketing that create results vs branding. It turned many of my beliefs about marketing on their head, and finally made marketing relevant. I got excited.

There are no assumptions when Jen talks to you about your business, your service, your values and your goals. Get used to “What do you mean by….?” Her interest in your business is genuine. I’ve worked with business coaches who have challenged me less about my business and the beliefs I have, than the conversations I had with Jen as she worked out how to communicate with my customers.

There is a definite process to getting results in the plan Jen will craft for your business as she has for mine. Following her advice, doors have opened for me that I would never have dreamed of walking through.

Jen, I know this is a bit longer than you asked for. I could write much more, but never any less.”

David Coster



“Jen has been my introduction to the use of the internet for marketing. I now realise the power of harnessing the opinions of others. I have always had a 100% referral business however with Jen’s help I get maximum benefit as not only do my clients family and friends learn about my business from them, others get to read about me as well.

Thank you Jen for your knowledge and great support throughout the learning process as well as the ongoing tips you continually come up with. If you are serious about growing a great reputation for your business call Jen. You will not be disappointed.”

Angela Dye — Richmond Residential

“I want to thank Jen Kuo for a totally honest approach to marketing.

I get tired of marketing professionals who tell me they can take my business to the next level.

When Jen sat down with me, I felt as though I was applying for a job in my company. Jen wanted to know all about how we do business, who are our targets, how did I see the company progressing.

She detailed some ideas, then showed me how I could measure the effectiveness of her work. Jen believes marketing has to be accountable, has to have active measurements in place. How else am I going to measure my investment with her?

What a revelation, as I am sick of marketing experts rave on about how it’s impossible to measure what they do. Jen has now put in place a strategy that is working.

If you want an honest, no frills approach to improving your business call Jen Kuo.”

Ralph Rintoule — Gem Developments




“The best thing about working with Jen is the realisation that I could delegate and bring on other personnel… for some reason I couldn’t see that myself. I didn’t think I was ready for it.

Now I sleep a lot better, I spend a lot more time with my wife and kids, and on things that I like to do outside of work. My work is smoother because of all the systems she’s helped me with.”

Brian Keith Noonan — Buzzsource Agency

“She’s an absolute joy to work with. She’s a good listener. She understands the core elements of your business before jumping into anything.

I was expecting to break her system. I was expecting to find holes. That’s what I do as the boss of multiple people in our company. But she shot me down and I was really happy about that. She didn’t leave any stones un-turned. She actually thought through everything. I was blown away.”

Ronnie Nijmeh —