Implementation Program: Expression of Interest

The 2 Week Implementation Program is for you, if you…

  • Don’t have the budget to hire me to personally develop a custom Buyer’s Guide for your business.
  • Want to learn “how to fish” so you can become a better marketer and communicator.
  • Want fundamental and principle based skills that’s transferable to other offerings you provide for years to come, instead of hacks, shortcuts and loopholes that quickly becomes “stale” or “out of date”.
  • Want to create leverage with a valuable marketing asset that allows you to weed out low quality people while attracting quality prospects without human effort from you.
  • Want to be guided through the process of developing a custom Buyer’s Guide in live workshop sessions over a 2 week period.
  • Are tired of learning more and more information and want to implement things that move the needle so your business and life can truly change.

Add your name to the waiting list below if the implementation program interests you.

I will only run the program if there is enough interest.

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