Done For You Service

Developing an effective Buyer’s Guide that connects and converts is backed by an even more effective process.

One that eliminates surprises, prioritises quality, and most importantly, ensures the copy (and design) is done right — The first time.

This is how we’ll develop and deliver on your custom Buyer’s Guide project:

Phase 1: Discovery Call

The Goal:

Find out where you are right now with your marketing efforts. What’s working, what’s not, missed opportunities and what you’d like to achieve. Decide if we’re a fit.

What happens here:

  • Fill out the form on the “Get Started” page.
  • If it looks like something I can help you with, we’ll schedule a short ‘meet & greet’ on zoom to dig into your goals, your situation and budget. You are welcome to grill me as well.
  • Once we are clear on the goal and the path to get you to attracting better quality prospects, a signed agreement and full payment will hold your spot on my calendar.

Phase 2: 90 Minute ‘Deep Dive’ Interview

The Goal:

Gather the crucial intel that will help me craft the messaging for your Buyer’s Guide that speaks directly to your prospects and positions your services properly. I have not developed the ability to read minds (yet).

What happens here:

  • We jam on an official interview call as I extract all the information I need from your brain.
  • We will do a deep dive into your business, ethos, target market and more. We dig into what you do, how you do what you, who your customers are, how you’re different, what you do better than your competitors etc.
  • Be prepared to answer a lot of questions from me.

Phase 3: Development (Writing)

The Goal:

Deliver you a solid draft of your custom Buyer’s Guide.

What happens here:

  • I retreat to my bat cave, where I happily lose myself breaking down the details of our interview call, and throw myself into the research and writing process.
  • I conduct behind-the-scenes industry, competitive research to identify gaps as needed, structure and write your Buyer’s Guide copy based on all the intel I gathered from the interview and research.
  • I fully draft the Buyer’s Guide.
  • We schedule a call to present it to you.

Phase 4: The Red Pen (Editing and Review)

The Goal:

Take the draft and turn it into a final masterpiece that nails your goals.

What happens here:

  • You provide feedback on the draft within 72 business hours of our presentation call, so it’s still fresh and top of mind. I’ll talk through edits with you if necessary, then get to work making them.
  • The editing process should be minimal, provided that you’ve given me the correct information from the start of the project.
  • It is possible that the draft I present to you requires no editing. In which case, only a stamp of approval is required from you.

Phase 5: Professional Design (Optional Add-on)

The Goal:

Deliver professional, on brand design of your Buyer’s Guide. See “Graphic Design Management Upgrade” below.

What happens here:

  • We jam on a call where we’ll dive into the design of your brand and your marketing collateral.
  • We decide on the design direction together, and I will take care of the rest of the design process acting as your Creative Director.
  • I will be in communication with you for important design revisions until it is finalised and approved.

Phase 6: Happy Dance (Delivery)

The Goal:

Delivery of the final draft (copy with basic formatting) or professionally designed Buyer’s Guide document, ready for launch.

What happens here:

  • We schedule a 30min strategy call to make sure you launch it and use it correctly so you can start converting better prospects in your business.
  • I turn over all copyright on your polished document.
  • We do a happy dance together and celebrate!

Graphic Design Management Upgrade (Add-On)

The following is specific to the needs of those who:

  • Don’t have creative professionals in house
  • Don’t know how to work with creative professionals
  • Don’t have the skills to effectively manage and oversee the design process
  • Don’t have the time to do it themselves

This is in addition to the core writing work above.

Choosing this add-on means I will act as your Creative Director and manage the entire graphic design process for you, to ensure your Buyer’s Guide is on brand, looks professional and produced to the highest quality.

This means, you will only be dealing with one person me. I will be responsible for all strategic design decisions and on-going communication with the designer on your behalf.

I will look after:

  • Strategy, direction and creating the design brief
  • Communicating with the designer
  • Overseeing revisions, and quality checking design artwork

To make this part of the process easy and stress free, you will need to upload all files I’ve outlined below to Google Drive and provide me with a shared link:

  • Your existing brand assets and marketing collateral e.g. brochures, business card, flyers etc.
  • 3-5 written testimonials from your customers in a Google doc include their full name, company, position etc.
  • Photos of your customers who gave you written testimonials.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I will present the best final draft that delivers on your project goals copy that connects and inspires action. The optional add-on graphic design work will be revised as needed until you’re completely stoked. I focus on aligning your custom Buyer’s Guide with your existing brand assets to ensure consistency through your brand materials.

Project Fees

Let’s talk about the money you’re going to invest in order to get to the money you want to make, so you have a solid idea of what it’s going to cost to create words that convert in your Buyer’s Guide to attract better quality prospects. No (nasty) surprises here.

My minimum project fee is $3,000 USD for one Buyer’s Guide designed to sell one service offering.

Standard: $3,000 USD

  • Development & delivery of the core copy work.

Premium: $4,000 USD

  • Development & delivery of the core copy work + graphic design add-on.

One Last Note

Since you’re still here… I want you to know that my work is not for everyone — and I’ll be the first to tell you if that’s the case on our Discovery Call.

As a writer with a decade of marketing experience, I bring more than just words that ‘sound nice’ to the table. There is a world of difference between copy that inspires action versus copy that’s just bland information.

If you resonated with the things I’ve said, I’m pretty sure you’ve felt a ‘pulling effect’ reading my website so far… versus your experience on other websites you’ve visited.

Writing is a craft (valuable skill) I chose to hone since 2015, which enabled me to craft and deliver my message to people I care about serving.

Technical skills aside… I’m a strategist and consultant first and foremost, because my weird brain enjoys solving business problems through design and systems thinking.

I’m also a straight-shooter. That means, if a Buyer’s Guide isn’t the best solution to help you attract more quality prospects, I will tell you straight up.

Business is nuanced, there will always be cases where other strategies and solutions are more suitable.

If all this strategy-talk makes you swoon, and the idea of attracting and converting better prospects got you all giddy, then let’s talk!

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The A’s to your Q’s

How long does it take to complete a custom Buyer’s Guide?

Once Phase 2 starts, the core copy component takes 4 weeks. The Design Upgrade will take an additional 2-4 weeks.

How do I hold a spot on your schedule?

A signed agreement and full payment will hold your spot on my calendar.

How do you deliver your work?

All my work is shared via Google Docs/Google Drive. It’s dreamy and efficient.

How do we conduct our calls?

I use Zoom for all our calls. They are free for you to use, and allow me to easily record our calls for reference.

What’s the best way for me to provide feedback?

Great question. You designate one person for feedback. That person rounds up any team feedback from key players (the fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better!), then shares it with me either via Google Docs or on our review calls.

I need a Buyer’s Guide now to attract better prospects! Can we make that happen?

Rush delivery is almost always possible assuming you can provide all the information I need to deliver the work.

What it means for me: extra cups of coffees + a few less hours of sleep.

What it means for you: a 25% “front of the line” rush fee of the project cost and a stellar Buyer’s Guide delivered to you, pronto.

I absolutely want to develop a Buyer’s Guide for my business, but I currently don’t have the budget to hire you Jen…

Can I learn to do the work on my own and have you guide me through it?

I love helping driven and motivated people who are willing to learn valuable skills for themselves.

I have thought about putting a 2 Week Implementation Program together for those who want to learn “how to fish”, and are willing to do the work.

Express your interest here and add your name to the waiting list.

If there is enough interest, I will run the program so you can learn to implement high value activities that move the needle in your business.

Go ahead and tell your business buddies about it, so you can have a buddy in the program.

— Jen