The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Ultimate Competitive Advantage Feature

Diligently working on your business and expanding your capacity until you can confidently step away from the business for weeks, months or for good isn’t easy.

Once your business starts operating in alignment with all the necessary resources required in place, it becomes very attractive to 2 groups of people that enables the business to sustain and grow itself due to the positive momentum it generates.

The positive momentum is what helps the business flourish and thrive perpetually for the long haul.


When you operate your business with human-first mentality, the first group of people you attract are Repeat Customers — which leads to increased profits.

Profits aren’t driven by the speed you acquire customers.

You can’t grow your business sustainably by only marketing and selling to new people on the front end.

If you don’t have the capacity to fulfil your promises at the rate you’re acquiring new customers, you’ll only create negative customer experiences that lead to negative word-of-mouth, which ultimately detracts from your marketing efforts.

Lack of raving fans usually means bigger marketing budgets for minimal results.

Increased profits are driven by customer retention and referrals. This can only be achieved by delivering exceptional customer experiences by aligning with the needs of your customers.

Demand generation gets a lot easier when you have positive word-of-mouth working in your favour and repeat customers who LOVE your business.

Positive word of mouth creates a compounding effect. Lots of happy customers who rave about you to others over time makes your company the “brand of choice” in your industry. Happy customers and raving fans are people who keep buying anything and everything you create, and they tell others about you.


When you operate your business with human-first mentality, the second group of people you attract are Top Talent — which leads to increased performance and loyalty.

Many companies stuck in the old paradigms of business tend to suffer from negative word-of mouth from unhealthy, dysfunctional and uninspiring work environments which detracts from their recruitment and hiring efforts.

You can’t grow your business sustainably when you have high staff turnovers.

When you hire the right people, recognise their natural gifts, put them in the right roles, respect their individuality and develop them to help them fulfil their professional and personal goals… you build trust and loyalty.

People who love what they do naturally perform better and are happier. And those who have their needs met at work tend to stay longer when they can see a future for themselves inside your company.

Happy, talented people often refer other talented people into the business. This means you save valuable energy and resources in your hiring and training efforts because your business is operating more efficiently.

Happy, high performing and loyal team members usually means lower recruiting, hiring and training costs for better results.

The creation of exceptional culture and human-centered workplaces is what drives engagement, performance and loyalty when you align with the needs of your people.

It’s the great people inside your business that helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences, which drives more profits.

Talent acquisition gets a lot easier when you have positive word-of-mouth working in your favour and happy team members who LOVE your business.

Again, positive word of mouth creates a compounding effect. Lots of happy and loyal team members who rave about your business over time makes your company the “employer of choice” in your industry. Talented people will line up at your door.

The 2 positive momentum combined creates an infinity loop of awesomeness that becomes hard to beat by other companies.


The positive momentum can only be achieved by getting the 3 core pillars of Exceptional Business right:

  1. Leadership — committed leaders who strive for excellence and do the right thing even when they’re scared and uncomfortable, these are leaders who are driven to serve their people and their customers
  2. Culture — the right environment and conditions to expand human capacity and cultivate the right behaviours that enable sustainable change and continuous improvement
  3. Communication — clarity in decision making, clear and thoughtful communication, and respectful collaboration to achieve goals together

The 3 pillars ultimately determines how effectively and efficiently a business can operate.


Your ultimate competitive advantage is an emergent effect of the 3 pillars of an Exceptional Business.

Get it right, and you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and peace of mind you desire from a mature business that has the capabilities to grow and run itself.

Get it wrong, and not only will you experience chaos, stress and frustration, your business will be running you because you have no choice but to be “on the clock” as you become stuck in your own creation.

The way your business operates is your ultimate competitive advantage.

And your ultimate competitive advantage elevates your business in the marketplace.

I’m Jen Kuo — operational efficiency consultant, systems thinker, writer. But really, I’m a multi-passionate creator.

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