I’m Jen Kuo — a strategist, consultant and creative professional who specialises in helping service based businesses attract better prospects, so their business can become more fun, easier to run and more profitable.

Marketing is about connecting and resonating with the people you seek to serve.

When you do marketing right (executing the right strategy at the right time), results follow.

I learned marketing by throwing myself into entrepreneurship and doing *a lot* of face planting. My knowledge and lessons came from building businesses online and offline.

The best way to learn anything in life is by making (tons of) mistakes.

By the way, I don’t identify as a marketer.

I’m a business owner who decided to immerse myself in marketing because I needed to make my businesses work, and have since figured some stuff out for myself.

If you’re new around here, this is a good place to start.

My Story

I was 4 blocks from my office, sitting on a park bench balling my eyes out.

This moment had been coming for years… and finally the dam had broken.

Or more accurately… I was (finally) broken.

I’ve always been the kind of person that kept pushing on regardless of how I’m feeling or what I’m doing.

When I set my mind to something, I charge full steam ahead.

I’ve been called a beast, a pitbull… by people who have worked with me because of this weird trait.

Not exactly flattering names, I know.

And that was exactly my problem.

I chased “success” at the expense of everything else.

I started 2 businesses with no business and no marketing background… then was hired as a Marketing Manager and Marketing Consultant because of the experience I gained from starting and running my own businesses.

Then… 4 months into the “perfect marketing job”, I found myself balling my eyes out at the Botanic Gardens right in the middle of a work day, 4 blocks away from the office.

Every ounce of my being was in agony…

It was a kind of pain I have never felt before.

“What the hell are you doing with your life, Jen?!?!”

I had finally woke up to the fact that I was on the wrong path.

Even though I had a great boss, I was valued, listened to and treated with respect, and fit into the culture… The work felt meaningless pretty quickly.

Everything looked great on the outside…

But everything felt wrong on the inside.

“Work” was simply not enough for me anymore, despite the fact that work was all I focused on up until that point.

I needed more.

I achieved everything with my blinders on — tunnel vision as they say.

As a girl with dreams growing up, the only thing I knew how to do was chase down my goals with brute force…

With both feet slamming on the gas pedal, never allowing myself to “slack off” because ‘winning’ and ‘reaching my goals’ seemed more important.

Because I was too busy listening to all the bullshit voices in my monkey mind, trying to prove myself…

And totally ignored my intuition, my heart and soul.

I chased the wrong things in life.

I looked everywhere outside of me for answers, not knowing I was looking in the wrong place the whole time.

I was completely out of alignment and I didn’t even know it.

That “episode in the park” shook me to my core.

It put me on my path and stopped me living life on other people’s terms.

It started my quest to discover myself, find myself, and my purpose.

A question I continued asking myself in the years that followed was…

“What’s the work you’re meant to be doing with your life?”

What’s the purpose behind your existence?

What’s your life for? What are you here to do?

For a long time, I felt lost.

I didn’t have an answer to those questions.

I just knew what I didn’t want.

All I could do was try to feel what was beneath my feet and try my best to take the next step.

Sometimes I’d lose the trail completely and find myself trapped in the darkness for months on end, unable to see my way forward.

As I continued to stumble through new business ideas, different jobs and contract work…

I came to the realisation that the missing piece in my work was “me”.

I needed to learn to connect with myself…

To understand myself deep enough in order to express the true version in the world.

It was like trying to find different pieces of myself that I didn’t know existed…

Like filling in missing pieces of the puzzle without a complete picture to look at for clues.

Turns out, that “perfect marketing job” I resigned from gave me a life changing gift.

It helped me discover my superpower in systems (thinking and design).

The unexpected raving feedback I received from my boss on a project I worked on became the catalyst that started helping me see my unique ability in more clarity…

I solved business problems he couldn’t solve that caused disorder and mess in his daily operations.

Every step and misstep I took on my path, brought me closer to finding meaning in my work.

It took me 5 more years to deeply understand that you can only do your best work when you’re in total alignment with who you are, your skills, talents and passions.

Because I believe that living your truth, owning your gifts and stepping through your fears of being truly seen is when you can confidently build a durable business that creates a lasting impact.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping you create simple marketing systems that removes disorder, chaos and stress in your business so you can focus on the work you’re meant to do…

And allow your business to become more fun, easier to run and more profitable.

— Jen