Tools & Resources

Here are tools and resources I use and love to design, build and operate my business.

My goal is to always maintain a relatively simple and lean set up that supports me in operating at my best, doing work I care about, and being true to myself.


I care about having 100% control (as much as possible), and prefer to build my business on my own platform as opposed to someone else’s.

Email Service Provider

  • FluentCRM (WordPress plugin) and Amazon SES — self hosted solution that requires a little more time upfront to set up, easy to use once set up.
  • ConvertKit — easy to use out of the box, the gold standard for creators.

Web Analytics



  • Zoom (virtual meetings)
  • Loom (screen share video recordings)
  • Gmail (business email)
  • Hey (personal email)

Operations, Performance & Productivity

  • Google Calendar (planning and scheduling meetings/events)
  • ClickUp (task and project management)
  • Timing (time tracking) — I track my time everyday to get an accurate picture of where I spend my time and how long it takes me to perform certain tasks.
  • Google Drive (client file sharing and storage)


  • Canva — I design and create all images on my site in Canva.


Learning, Thinking, Writing

  • Speechify (AI text to speech reader) — I absolutely love being able to listen to written text (docs, articles and PDFs). Speechify helps me learn better and consume content faster. I wish I had this growing up.
  • Castro (podcast app)
  • Obsidian (my main writing tool and PKM system) — I also perform my monthly, annual planning and reviews in Obsidian.
  • Apple Notes — I use it to jot down ideas on my phone on the fly, track my daily nutrition, store my grocery list and things I want to remember that I haven’t moved to Obsidian.

My preferred input is audio (how I learn and consume content best). My preferred output is written (how I express my knowledge, experiences, teach and share). I’m always listening to podcasts, audiobooks (and Speechify) to learn new things when I’m not doing deep work (cooking, driving, walking, shopping).

While I’m not dyslexic (never been tested), I’ve always found it challenging to read books and learn from text. I read books on Audible.

Self Understanding

Since 2015, I’ve been on my self discovery, self understanding and personal development journey after a wake up call from the universe. Everything that has made my work/career, business and life experiences miserable is all rooted in the core issue of not understanding myself, how my energy works and operating out of my ‘not self’.

Human Design (and BG5) is the most profound system I’ve found that has helped me align myself back to my ‘true self’ in order to live life in flow.

Health & Self Care

  • Medical Medium (nutrition protocols) — I’ve been able to heal my chronic illnesses by integrating celery juice and heavy metals detox smoothie into my life.
  • WildFit (health program) — WildFit has helped me improve my energy, lose unwanted fat, decrease various health symptoms and avoid sickness.

I prioritise my health over my work/career because I learned this lesson the hard way. I’ve been healing and optimising my body from the inside out since 2018. Learning to put good fuel into my body has changed my life.