What ‘Design’ Means To Me

Design isn’t just about making things “look appealing”, or just about “usability”…

It’s about devising, crafting and executing with intention… so what you do actually serves its purpose and leads you to the end result you imagined in the beginning.

Design is about beginning with the end in mind.

It’s about being intentional and strategic.

It’s about creating space to think things through.

It’s about having a long term mindset.

That’s why I call myself a ‘designer’ — plus… it’s how my brain works.

Everything I do is ‘by design’.

I don’t fly by the seat of my pants, nor do I throw spaghetti on the wall to ‘see what sticks’.

When something is designed well, it LASTS for a long time and rightly so.

Because it continues to consistently perform over time as it is originally intended to.

Design or ‘the lack of design’ is experienced in our lives and everything around us whether you’re conscious of it or not.

You see it in products — how it looks, the way it feels and functions.

You feel it in experiences and services you come across, and you experience it through rituals.

Whenever you have a bad experience with something, it’s *almost always* because of lack of design — meaning someone hasn’t thought it through before it got to you.

As entrepreneurs and Creators, we have the privilege to design our businesses and our lives exactly the way we want.

Having a business we love and a lifestyle that serves us is something worth designing for.

  I’m Jen Kuo — A business and brand strategist, coach, consultant, designer, writer, aspiring music producer and personal growth enthusiast.

But really, I’m a multi-passionate creator.

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