Celery Juice Process

Celery Juice

This is a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look into how I integrated celery juice in my life. I’m sharing my experience, the systems and processes I refined over time.

The Fundamentals

Celery juice fights off unwanted bacteria and viruses that cause many health conditions. It disarms toxic heavy metals and neutralises toxins to make them less damaging.

It’s a miraculous healing remedy that has become a global movement since Anthony William shared it with people in 1975, it’s continually being shared because of its powerful healing benefits.

For celery juice to work, you need to drink a minimum of 16oz (470ml) per dayfind out why here. However, that’s not where you start if you’re sensitive or don’t like the taste of celery. If that’s the case, start with 4oz (120ml) and work your way up. Your body will get used to it over time.

Drink celery juice on an empty stomach (best in the morning) to get the best healing benefits. Then wait 15-30mins before you eat breakfast.

DO NOT add any other ingredients (ice, lemon, lime, spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro, apples, carrots etc) to celery juice because you will dilute its effects and waste your own efforts.

Celery juice works best on it’s own.

To better understand all its healing properties, I recommend getting the Celery Juice book by Anthony William (Medical Medium).

Celery Juice Book

I am just one of the millions worldwide that experienced life changing results from the information I learned.

I own most of Medical Medium books for my own reference.

Medical Medium Books

My Experience

I had no problems drinking the recommended amount right out the gate because I personally don’t have an aversion to celery. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of celery in different dishes I ate.

I started with 16oz (470ml), and now I drink between 17oz (500ml) and 22oz (650ml).

When I started the celery juice protocol, I remember feeling the urgency to go to the bathroom 30mins to an hour after I drink my celery juice. My poo was different in the morning. It felt like it was cleansing my digestive system, especially since I’ve always had digestive problems.

Your bowl movements is definitely something you want to pay attention to in the beginning. I don’t feel the big effects anymore in my bowl after a few years of drinking celery juice.

Depending on the ailments, illnesses or symptoms you have, it’s worth taking notes on your symptoms and how you feel over time.

Tracking your own changes becomes a great motivator when you look back and see how far you’ve come. Your notes will also help you remember.

While I immediately felt the changes in my bowl, it took about 3 months of drinking 16oz (470ml) celery juice everyday to recognise that my chronic dizziness was healing.

I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to feel your own body change for the better. Healing takes time, be diligent but kind to yourself.

I drank celery juice consistently for 2.5 years (only missing 14 days out of 902 days) since I started on 31 July 2019. Then I only drank it sparingly between 18 Jan 2022 to 24 Jan 2023 (68 days out of 372 days) due to lack of stock, decreased quality and increased prices.

Because I almost stopped for about a year, I noticed that queasiness I felt from a life time of chronic dizziness was starting to come back!

That’s when I knew for certain that celery juice needed to be a lifelong endeavour for me — I feel a difference when I don’t have it.

Equipment I Use

The Juicer

I first bought the Optimum 600M Compact Cold Press Juicer when I started juicing in 2019. However, after using it everyday for a couple of months, I found it inefficient to operate and hard to clean — I knew I was wasting unnecessary time in the kitchen, and that became frustrating to me.

Old Juicer

Because I’ve seen and felt the changes in my body by then, I was committed to drinking celery juice for the rest of my life so I decided to invest in the best juicer I can find.

After doing a bunch of research, I found that Omega makes the best juicers on the market in terms of quality, ease of cleaning and long warranty. I bought the Omega J8228/J8006 Cold Press Juicer in Jan 2020 from Love Your Health. My sister also has the same model.

Omega Juicer

My parents bought the Omega NC1002HDC model and I found it not as efficient compared to the Omega J8228/J8006 or MM900 models.

When the Medical Medium model (Omega MM900HDS) launched in the USA in 2019, it wasn’t available in Australia yet. I found that the J8228/J8006 model was practically the same as the MM900 model. Because I was already frustrated using the Optimum one, I didn’t want to wait for the MM900 to become available since I was already juicing everyday.

If I was to buy one today, I’d get the Omega MM900HDS Cold Press Celery Juicer. It comes with the extra “celery attachment” since it’s designed for people who are following the celery juice protocol — which means it’s more efficient at getting the juice out of your celery, meaning you actually save more money on celery in the long run.

I’ve recommended the MM900HDS model to 2 friends who also wanted to do celery juice. They are both very happy with their purchase.

The motor on my Omega juicer broke in July 2021. I sent it into Omega, they fixed it and sent it back to me without fuss. This is why I was happy to invest in the best because I liked their 20 year warranty on motor and 10 year warranty on parts. I’ve also received replacement parts relatively easily for my parent’s Omega juicer.

Other Tools I Use

Fine sieve

I recommend getting a quality “fine” sieve to filter the celery juice that comes out of the juicer instead of using the sieve that comes with the Omega juicer.


Tea spoon

I use a spoon to push the pulp through the sieve to extract more juice from the pulp and to scrape the pulp off the sieve into the bin.

Tea Spoon

Small bowl

When I remove the juice catching container to pour juice in my cup and bottles, I use a small bowl to catch juice that will continue to drip out of the juicer to ensure my countertop doesn’t become wet and messy.

Small Bowl

Bottle brush

Before I had a bottle brush, I thought I could just wash the bottle by simply rinsing it out with soapy water. Until I saw that over time, the power of celery juice’s sodium cluster salts made my glass bottles frosty.

Frosty Bottle

That prompted me to buy a bottle brush to clean my bottles properly.

Glass drink bottles

I store extra serves of celery juice in glass drink bottles (bought from Kmart) — I explain why below even though it’s not recommended by Anthony William.

Glass Bottle

My Method

Making Celery Juicing Sustainable

Before I share my process, I need to give you some context…

I absolutely HATE wasting more time and energy than necessary on repetitive things. This means I’m always creating systems, devising strategies and refining processes to make life easier and efficient for myself without compromising effectiveness.

Now that you understand my natural tendencies, the first thing you need to do is decide whether celery juice is something you are serious about trying. You won’t know the benefits and the positive effects on your body until you commit to giving it a solid try.

“Trying” can mean different things to different people.

A solid try means committing to it every single day for at least 3 months before you can properly validate whether it’s beneficial for you.

If your version of trying looks like juicing for a week or two then you stop, or juicing for a few days then taking a few days off then you probably won’t experience the full benefits and see results.

There are people I know who have given it a “try”. They say “I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work”.… then I find out that they didn’t do it every day.

If you’re going to half ass it, then don’t bother trying. Doing anything worthwhile in life requires discipline, time and patience.

However, everyone’s body is different. Their ailments will also be different, and they also range in severity.

Because nothing I’ve tried in the past got anywhere close to healing my multiple chronic health conditions, I was willing to commit at least 3 months in order to see if I can witness some changes in myself.

I knew that if I did the work, and found that celery juice didn’t work for me, then I’d know for sure that it wasn’t because of my lack of commitment, discipline and effort.

Once you see progress and results, it becomes your fuel for motivation to keep going.

When you have personal evidence that it works and you decide to make it a life long endeavour, then finding ways to integrate it into your daily routine is the next step for it to become sustainable.

For me, I needed to consider my own proclivities — my desire to keep feeling like a healthy, functioning human being (without all the chronic issues), and my dislike of spending more time in the kitchen than I need to.

While I know it’s best to make celery juice fresh and drink it immediately, I also prefer to prep and batch tasks to save time and energy.

On the mornings I juice, I make 3 servings — one to drink straight away, and I store 2 servings in glass bottles to keep in the fridge for the next 2 days.

3 Servings

I decided to make celery juice every 3 days to create a “happy medium” for myself, being fully aware that the juice kept in the bottle in the fridge will be a bit less effective than the cup I made fresh.

To me, drinking pre-made celery juice is still way better than not drinking any at all.

If you have the time and energy to juice celery every morning or you’re the type of person who enjoy spending time in your kitchen, then more power to you!

Sidenote: I have tried making 5 serves in one go and I found the taste becomes off if it’s left in the fridge for too long. I wouldn’t advise drinking it after 72 hours. Freshly made really is the best. If I had the energy and time, I would be making it every morning.

How I Prep

I usually buy 2 or 4 bunches, and process 2 bunches of celery at a time.

The night before, I remove all the leaves and bad bits. I don’t like using the leaves but you can if you want to. Then I cut the bunches in half, cut off the root and soak them overnight in the kitchen sink in water.

Soaking also gets some of the dirt off that makes washing a bit quicker.

Soak Celery

In the morning, I wash the celery with a dish washing brush to scrub all the finer dirt off all the crevasses.

Wash Celery

After I finish juicing, I store the remaining washed celery in my Swag bag (fruit and vegetable storage bag) in the fridge.

Swag Bag

When celery are washed, prepped and ready to use, it takes me about 35-40mins to juice 3 servings and clean the juicer.

Things I’ve Tried

When I first used the Optimum 600M Compact Cold Press Juicer, I had to spend extra time cutting celery into smaller pieces so the juicer doesn’t clog up, and taking longer to clean.

Cut Celery

Since switching to the Omega J8228/J8006 Cold Press Juicer, it has no problems processing big, long stalks of celery — it’s amazing to watch and super efficient. I removed unnecessary steps and saved time by upgrading to a better juicer.

I’ve also tried storing celery in different ways in order to maintain its freshness.

Since celery goes limp after a few days, if I knew I wasn’t going to use it the next day, I removed the leaves and the root, and chopped it in half to wrap them in aluminum foil before storing them in the fridge. They stayed fresh in foil until I was ready to use them.

Celery In Foil

However, once I discovered that soaking celery in water makes it plump and fresh again, I began soaking them overnight so they’re ready for me to wash and juice in the morning.

I stopped doing the extra work of pre-storing it in foil. Now I just leave the celery out on the table until I’m ready to use it knowing that I can restore its freshness simply by soaking them.


Q. How many celery do you need to make 1 serving?
It depends on the quality, size and weight of the celery. On average, I use 4 bunches of celery per week to make 450-650ml of celery juice to drink for 7 straight days.

I always pick the heaviest ones I can find in the grocery store. The heavier they are, the more juice they have!

See other FAQs on celery juice here.

More resources on celery juice from Medical Medium.

I’m Jen Kuo — operational efficiency consultant, systems thinker, writer. But really, I’m a multi-passionate creator.

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