Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie Process

Hmd Smoothie

This is a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look into how I integrated HMD smoothie in my life. I’m sharing my experience, the systems and processes I refined over time that works for me.

The Fundamentals

The Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie is designed to pull heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, and cadmium) from different organs in our bodies to improve health and wellbeing.

You maybe surprised to learn that toxic heavy metals have been inside of us before we were born, because they’re passed through our family lines through generations.

Our bodies are also constantly bombarded by toxins as a consequence of living in this modern world (fumes from cleaning products, exhaust from cars, perfumes, pesticides, tools we use etc).

This means these heavy metals oxidise and cause damage to surrounding tissue and promote inflammation over time. They poison our bodies and can inflict damage to virtually every system including the brain, liver, digestive system and nervous system leaving us vulnerable to illness and diseases.

This is why it’s important to remove heavy metals from your body even if you’re carefully watching your diet or already eating really clean.

This recipe is developed by Anthony William (Medical Medium). Just like celery juice, the HMD smoothie has also completely changed my life.

You can find the original recipe here.


The serving size in the original recipe is huge and way too much for one person. My body cannot take in huge volumes of food in the morning, so I’ve reduced the portion size to suit me (1 serve).

I’m sharing my modified version below.

  • 1 banana fresh or frozen (can use mangoes or papayas)
  • Half cup (125g) frozen wild blueberries or 2 teaspoons wild blueberry powder
  • 1 handful coriander/cilantro 
  • 1 orange peeled and pips removed or half cup (125ml) 100% orange juice
  • Half to 1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder 
  • Half to 1 teaspoon spirulina 
  • 1 teaspoon Atlantic dulse flakes 
  • 1 handful baby spinach (optional)
  • Water to blend (amount depends on the consistency you like) — I only add a small amount of water.

My modified version makes 1 serve which is perfect for my 700ml and 900ml Nutribullet cups.

The 5 core ingredients that help pull heavy metals out are wild blueberries, coriander/cilantro, barley grass juice powder, spirulina powder, and Atlantic dulse.

Include all 5 core ingredients if possible. It’s ok if you don’t have everything on hand all the time, you’ll still benefit from 3 or 4 core ingredients.

If you don’t love the taste of coriander/cilantro, start with a small amount and increase the quantity over time. The fruits will mask most of the coriander/cilantro flavour. See Anthony William’s explanation on what’s really happening when someone has an aversion to coriander/cilantro.

If you’ve never had spirulina, barley grass juice powder or Atlantic dulse before, you may want to start with smaller amounts and work your way up.

My Experience

I’ve never had any issues with the taste of this smoothie. In fact, I was surprised by how delicious it was the first time I tried it.

I’ve made it with mangoes and papayas and it’s just as delicious. However, I mainly stick to the original recipe, because I just LOVE the taste of it.

I prefer to have real fruit (frozen wild blueberries) instead of using the wild blueberry powder. Using real fruit tastes better in my opinion, but it also adds more volume to the smoothie. Your serving size will be smaller if you use the wild blueberry powder.

The only time I would think to use the wild blueberry powder is if I’m travelling.

I also like to add spinach to my smoothie to get greens in my body early in the day. If you have kiddos, this is a great way to give some extra greens to your kids.

Having this smoothie as my breakfast brings me joy, because I cannot believe how something so healing can taste so good.

When I started drinking the HMD smoothie on 25 August 2019, I was also drinking lemon water and celery juice in the morning — I diligently followed Anthony William’s advice in order to achieve maximum healing.

However, as I ventured into my 40’s, I noticed that the volume of food I can eat in one meal has significantly decreased in early 2022.

Instead of 3 meals a day (3 drinks for breakfast, 1 solid meal each for lunch and dinner), now I’m down to 1 drink for breakfast/lunch, and 1 solid meal for dinner + snacks in between if I feel hungry.

I used to be able to drink lemon water, then celery juice followed by HMD smoothie all in the morning (it’s a lot of liquid). But now, I rotate between celery juice and HMD smoothie (lemon water occasionally), then have some fruit as a snack in the afternoon if I get hungry before dinner.

I am still paying attention to my body and continuing to experiment with what I eat to see what feels good to me.

In my mid 20’s and 30’s, weird symptoms started showing up on my body. Most of it is skin related or niggly pain. The symptoms were annoying enough for me to seek out dermatologists and doctors since I didn’t know what caused them.

Turns out the doctors couldn’t explain them either — creams/ointments or drugs were always the solution which never helped. Drugs are basically poisons and bandaid solutions that never fixes the root cause of health problems.

The most persistent skin issue I had was this rosacea-like patch of red skin below my lips that would flare up. It becomes itchy, raised and always end up with pus when I couldn’t help but peel the skin off. This issue has come and gone for years, and I was frustrated that nothing could get it to heal. But ever since I changed my diet and followed the Medical Medium protocols, I have not experienced this weird skin condition ever again.

One day in 2022, I woke up with red, rough and patchy skin on my upper right lip. I was not drinking celery juice at the time, and also took a break from the smoothie for a while. However, after I started drinking the smoothie again, the skin issue went away after a week!

Then in Sep 2023, this niggly pain on the right side of my nose where my face bone meets my teeth flared up. Again, the pain eased after I began drinking the smoothie for a week.

For a few years, I’ve also had a small patch of hard skin at the bottom of my middle left finger, between my index/forefinger. I kept needing to peel the excess skin off every few weeks. But for the first time in Oct 2023, I noticed the skin is now smooth, soft and completely healed over. It was as if the hard patch of skin never existed after 4 weeks of drinking the smoothie every day.

It was amazing to see the healing power and witness these annoying symptoms disappear.

Equipment I Use

Nutribullet (High-Speed Blender)

  • 700ml travel cup
  • 900ml travel cup

I first bought the Nutribullet 600 Series when I started the HMD smoothie in 2019. However, after only a few months of use I noticed the metal bits holding the blades together became rusted so I exchanged it for the Nutribullet Select 1200 when the new design came out.

Nutribullet 600

The new design is so much better in terms of both form and function.

The blade mechanism clicks in easily to the motor. I also prefer having buttons to press to have more control of the level of blending I want.

Nutribullet 1200

I love that I can just press the “extract” button and be able to walk away. It’ll automatically stop when it’s done. I no longer have to stand next to the blender, watch it blend then manually stop it when the smoothie is well blended.

I prefer blending my smoothie in single serving cups for portability and less washing.

Because the cups are much narrower than full size blending containers, I’ve developed my own system to save time and effort in the morning.

My Method

How I Prep

At night, I peel and remove pips from 2 oranges and store them in my 2 Nutribullet cups in the fridge.

If the orange is huge, then I only use one orange and split them into 2 cups. When using 2 oranges, I always split them so each cup contains each orange to even out the taste (in case one is sweeter than the other).

I prefer to use oranges instead of using orange juice to get more fiber.


The frozen blueberries I buy comes in 1kg bags, so to save time from weighing them every morning, I split them into 4 x 250g bags.

In the morning, I just pour half a bag (125g) into my cup to make the smoothie.

Frozen Wild Blueberries

I usually buy a bag of baby spinach (280g) and 2 bunches of coriander/cilantro which lasts about a week, and prewash them.

I soak coriander/cilantro in the sink overnight (so they become more plump), then scrub all the finer dirt off the stem especially near the root with a small brush. Then I dry them with a salad spinner, then pat dry and rough cut the stalks and leaves to store in a container lined with paper towel.

Don’t just use the leaves, use the stalks too!

Spinach And Coriander

When the orange, frozen wild blueberries, coriander/cilantro and spinach are prepped and ready to be used, it’s so much easier and faster to make the smoothie for the rest of the week.

If I have too many bananas going ripe, I break them into smaller pieces and store them in the freezer so they’re ready to use.

Frozen Banana

I am extremely selective about “supplements”. I only buy the best quality stuff to put into my body. Vimergy is the best in the market and that’s what I only use for wild blueberry powder, barley grass juice powder and spirulina.

Flower of Life is the Vimergy stockist in Australia.

Vimergy Powders

I buy dulse flakes from Maine Coast. Dulse flakes are not very easy to find in Australia, so I order them from the USA.

Dulse Flakes

How I Make The Smoothie

Since I don’t use a big blender like Vitamix or Thermomix, I don’t just “throw” all the ingredients into my cup and blend.

When I started making the smoothie using the 2 different Nutribullet blenders, it was annoying to occasionally find that the green powders didn’t blend properly into the smoothie. I had to scrape it off the cup and mix it with my straw.

That’s because the green powders becomes green “thick blobs” as soon as it touches water, making them stick to the bottom or to the sides of the cup preventing them from being blended into the smoothie properly.

Over time, I figured out how to layer all ingredients into my Nutribullet cups to ensure the green powders blend well every time.

In the morning, I pull all the ingredients out of the fridge and pantry to be placed on the countertop.

Since the oranges are already stored in the cup, I pour frozen wild blueberries into the cup first. Then I give it a little shake to ensure there’s no big gaps between the orange and berries.

Next, I add a handful of coriander/cilantro.

Coriander Handful

Then barley grass juice powder, spirulina and dulse flakes goes in and sits on top of the coriander/cilantro.

Powders On Top

Banana goes in next, then I squeeze in a handful of spinach and ignore the “max” line indicated on the cup because there’s “air space” in between all the ingredients.

The cup is pretty much full once all the ingredients go in.

Last, I add a bit of water, just high enough to cover the wild blueberries.

Ingredients In Cup

The great thing about adding spinach is that when water is poured into the cup, the water runs over the leaves and down the side of the cup instead of the middle mixing with the green powders (preventing “thick blobs” from happening).

The smoothie comes out around the max line (700ml cup).

Smoothie Made

When all the ingredients are prepped and ready to use, it only takes about 5-10mins to make.


Q. Can you freeze the smoothie overnight?
I make it every morning to drink it fresh and have never tried freezing it. I believe it’s the best when you do it fresh. If that’s too difficult, it’s still better to have it than not having it.

Q. How do you know it’s actually working?
I have never done any blood tests for heavy metals nor feel the need to see markers or numbers because I believe my body will show me the changes over time.

It has healed a lot of the weird skin conditions and niggly problems I’ve had over the years. Other people have reported more energy, better sleep, increased positivity and great regularity.

The reality is you have to learn to pay attention and be in tune with your own body because you’re the only person that lives in it.

I’m Jen Kuo — operational efficiency consultant, systems thinker, writer. But really, I’m a multi-passionate creator.

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