An email is whizzing its way to your inbox.

I am stoked and honoured that you chose to come along for the ride with me.

Just so you know…

I don’t take your decision to be on my email list lightly, because we live in an *extremely noisy* world where everybody is fighting for your attention.

I prefer to earn it, because I believe attention should be earned — our time and energy isn’t free.

Which is why I need to say this to you right up front:

If my work ever becomes irrelevant to you, I want you to hit that unsubscribe link from my emails without feeling bad — I’m serious.

I stand by my principle of “less is more”.

I don’t hold onto things or people that no longer serve me, and I encourage you to do the same. Even if the person you need to delete from your inbox and your life is me down the track.

Because the reality is… my work is not for everyone. My work will also change and grow with me.

Like all relationships, we either grow together or we grow apart.

So I prefer that we honour ourselves and embrace the stewardship of our time and our mental bandwidth.

“Less is More” is one of the most important principles to live by as a Creator if you want to design a business and a life you love.

Now, onto some housekeeping…

If you haven’t already… whitelist my email address so my emails won’t accidentally land in your spam folder — Here’s how.

All my emails come from this email address: hello@jenkuo.com

My “Behind The Brand” newsletters will come with a “[BTB]” prefix, so you know what it is when it lands in your inbox.

With housekeeping out of the way…

Welcome to my tiny little world! 🎉 🥳

Earning a living as a Creator, designing a business in alignment with your ideas, your expertise, your message and who you are, while building a brand that matters in the hearts and minds of the people you seek to serve isn’t easy.

Being a Creator requires a shit ton of passion, grit and perseverance to go the distance.

My work is to provide education, inspiration, advice, support and guide those who want to come along for the adventure and decide to commit to the journey.

I am very grateful to have finally found myself and the work I’m here to do.

Which is why empowering and helping Creators like you do the same for yourself fills me up with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings ☺️

In the future, if you ever wanna say “Hey!”, or want to give me feedback (I welcome the good, the bad and the ugly) just reply to one of my emails or contact me here.

You can also give me a holla, if there’s anything you want to see me create, address or share.

I have a huge list of content ideas that I continue to add inspirations to and prioritise. The order I create is dependent on their importance and what I get asked about.

I’m honoured to have a small part in your life.

It’s great to have you!

Your time and attention means the world. ❤️

— Jen





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I occasionally check Twitter, and rarely on Instagram.

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I get it — I’m introverted too. 🤫😉