Tired of Poor Quality Prospects?

I specialise in developing a Buyer’s Guide (marketing asset) that ensures prospects that come into your business aren’t going to waste your time.

It’s a marketing tool that consists of structured, strategic content that positions the sale of your service in advance, which allows you to predictably attract quality prospects who are ready to buy without resistance.

When you strategically use a Buyer’s Guide in your marketing and sales process, the right buyers identify themselves, and become properly positioned to do business with you without manual effort from you or your team.

How I Got Here

When I struggled to attract quality prospects in my previous business, I developed a Buyer’s Guide out of desperation.

While it didn’t magically get me more leads, I saw first hand how effective it was at turning a cold referral lead into a hot, quality prospect right in front of my eyes without me spending time talking to them.

It made me a believer in the power of words and gave me the motivation I needed to hone my writing skills.

The Buyer’s Guide transformed my sales process.

Selling became unnecessary, and drudgery was eliminated from my day.

The Buyer’s Guide became the foundation of an effortless selling system for my business that produced lucrative and predictable results.

Developing strategic content such as a Buyer’s Guide turned into a valuable marketing asset that created leverage in my business.

Because it predictably moved the right prospects toward me.

When you know how to develop the right marketing assets in your business, you give yourself a foundation that boosts all your other marketing efforts.

It ensures the time and money you spend on prospecting and lead generation activities are being capitalised properly — meaning preventing your marketing dollars and time from going down the toilet.

Have You Ever…

Hired a bad contractor, coach, accountant, web designer, financial advisor or any other service provider you wish you didn’t hire?

As a customer, it’s very frustrating when you realise their services didn’t live up to their promises. It’s also often too late to reverse your decision.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly what you’re getting so you can save money, time and all the stress & frustration?

When you have a lack of knowledge or when you’re simply not sure what questions to ask, buying something unfamiliar can be difficult and daunting. It can feel incredibly disappointing when you come out the other side — especially when they were referred to you by someone you know.

That’s why the right prospects will appreciate you and naturally move toward you when you empower them with specific insider knowledge — giving them a glimpse of the outcome they desire through your Buyer’s Guide.

Because you’re helping your quality prospects by preventing them from making uninformed decisions that you know they will regret later if they didn’t have the right information.

The Prospect Primer Method I use to produce the Buyer’s Guide is how I empower the right prospects to feel smarter, more intelligent and more confident about their buying decision. So you immediately eliminate any skepticism, doubt and fear before the purchase.

That’s how I help service based businesses attract 5 Star Prospects.

I provide a done for you service where I develop a custom Buyer’s Guide for your business in 4 weeks.

If any of this resonates with you, start here and stick around.

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Who I Help

I’m here to serve you, if you’re the type of person who:

  • Care about making change
  • Provide ethical services with high integrity
  • Takes pride in your work
  • Produces great results for your clients
  • Want to market and sell your services in an ethical way without pressure or dirty sales tactics that makes you want to take a shower
  • Is enrolled in the journey of simplifying your marketing, and making it more effective
  • Want to attract business to you a different way, with leverage

— Jen